Why M-Industries

ReinVENTing What Partnership Means

We are a team of compassionate professionals who understand the packaging industry and the multitude of issues you face in protecting your product as well as your brand. From the challenges caused by e-commerce and hot-filling to containing the most aggressive ingredients on the market, our mission goes far beyond selling a generic product.
Our goal is to work with packaging distributors and cap manufacturers, together with their end customers, to understand their business and product objectives. We realize that every situation is unique, and we address each one with fresh eyes and curious minds to get to the core of your distinct product and its particular packaging challenges. This approach ensures that your packaging is damage-free, regardless of product ingredients, bottling processes, or transportation methods… so that your goal of differentiating who you are and how your company is represented is ultimately achieved. 

Solving Packaging Problems

M-Industries fabricates millions of vented liners and closures per week in a variety of materials and configurations. We solve packaging problems for many of the biggest brands, packaging manufacturers and distributors in the world, and ship them all over the globe.

Product Quality and Performance

The heart of a vent is the membrane. It’s the microporous material that enables a package to breathe while keeping product contents from leaking. It’s critical to ascertain the exact amount of venting needing for each application. At M-Industries, we partner with our customers to determine the precise size and type of vent needed for each product and container. For example, some products need only a water-repelling hydrophobic vent, but others need an oil-repelling oleophobic vent.
Our oleophobic vent is superior to any other on the market because its membrane is treated via a plasma process that creates a consistent, strong oleophobic coating. It ensures all layers of the membrane are permeated without clogging pores or limiting breathability. Unlike a chemical bath process that covers only the surface of the membrane and smothers pores, a plasma process increases venting capacity and consistently tests higher in the water entry pressure test.
Utilizing advanced materials like our oleophobic membrane is the first step to providing superior performance. The next is our Intelligent Manufacturing process that ensures all equipment and processes are optimized to your specific parameters. The amount of heat, pressure and time in welding a vent to the liner or directly to a cap are critical to a vent’s success. Too much or too little of any of these variables can create separation issues, which compromise quality and functionality. Each are specified according to your performance requirements, the type and size of vent, product ingredients, and container materials. Partnering with you, our customer, up-front helps us determine the best combination to fit your needs.

Quality Control and Certification

Our QMS drives our factories and is the foundation of our manufacturing process. Our QMS and ERP systems outline what activities are to be performed throughout the organization to meet our customers’ expectations – from order entry to shipment. For example, our ERP accurately tracks inventory to better manage material on hand, thereby offering unparalleled traceability while enabling faster lead-times.  
In addition, our Vision System constantly checks and tests parts hundreds of times per second during production, essentially providing self-audit without employee interference until a non-conformance part is identified. This leading-edge system streamlines and expedites our production process while ensuring uncompromising quality. 
Our factories are also GMP food grade compliant, so you can rest assured your liners and caps are handled appropriately for every application. 
Our goals are simple: listen to our customers’ needs, achieve manufacturing excellence, and deliver the highest quality product in the industry… with every customer, every order and every piece manufactured. This is why we are a certified NACD Supplier of Excellence.

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