TK Supply Testimonial

“T.K. Supplies & Packaging, Co. has been working with Karlis and the M-Industries team on vented closure solutions since M-Industries started. Needless to say, we have found M-Industries to be creative, competitive and dependable. The products and engineering support in developing venting solutions is a true game changer. We now offer the largest array of vented closures because of our relationship with M-Industires—as both colleagues and friends.”


1.Resolve a venting issue with a radical oil based chemical product that no other U.S. venting solution can handle.

2. Resolve a swelling gasket issue with the same radical oil based chemical product.


“T.K. Supplies & Packaging, Co. teamed up with M-Industries and the customer’s chemical engineer to develop a venting system to manage a highly active and complex chemical product.  After over a year in testing, the collaboration designed a vent system that can handle the most aggressive and potentially volatile chemical formulation.  M-Industries also worked with T.K. to find an inorganic gasket that would also stand up to the product, resulting in one of the most efficient oleophobic based venting systems on the market. Karlis resolved the issue with T.K. and directly with customer. The TK and M-Industries teamwork was a true home run.”

Jeffrey Edwards

Owner, T.K. Supplies & Packaging, Co.

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