"Just Thought You Should Know" Series

The answers to many of the questions we’re asked about venting can be found in one or more of these easy-to-watch 60-90 second videos. If you see them all, you’ll practicably be a venting expert, just like us. We just thought you should know.

Venting and Sustainability 

E-Commerce Atmospheric Changes

Venting vs Fluorination

E-Commerce Packaging


Oxygen Scavenging Ingredients

Health and Beauty

Household Cleaners

M-Vent vs B-Vent

Venting vs Heavyweighting

Pharma and Nutraceuticals

Industrial Chemicals

What We Do Webinar

In June 2020, the National Association of Container Distributors produced this hour-long webinar of Karlis Mateus (our founder who we affectionately call “the godfather of venting”) explaining what we do. He’s such a pleasure to listen to, you’ll hardly notice the time.

What's New Webinar

This brief, four-minute video summarizes the new products and initiatives coming out of M-Industries in 2020. Please contact one of our sales folks to discover more about these exciting developments.    

Quality Video

We go to great lengths to ensure every vent that leaves our factory meets or exceeds our high quality standards. This video explains what those are. 

Our Story Video

In this three-minute video, our founder Karlis Mateus and our president Jim Weaver expound on what makes M-Industries special. Spoiler alert: a lot!

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