Keep the Right Things In
Keep the Wrong Things Out

The heart of a vented package is the membrane. Think of membrane like a window screen: it keeps out what you want to filter, yet allows air to flow through. The smaller the pore size (mesh in the screen), the smaller the particles/liquid it can hold back.

M-Industries Vented Liners

M-Industries Vented Liners feature our own unique patented membrane. This material is the catalyst that allows a container to breathe and maintain its intended form. Our membranes are specially designed and intelligently manufactured to allow for maximum airflow while holding back even the most aggressive liquids.

All of our vents are hydrophobic, or water-repellant. But to hold back oil-based products, your vent must be made with an oleophobic (or oil-repelling) membrane.  M-Industries oleophobic membrane is superior to any in the industry due to a patented plasma process that coats each fiber in the material rather than smothering it in an oleophobic bath. Our oleophobic membrane allows more airflow for oil-based products than any other membrane while containing even the most aggressive contents.

B Vent

Our B Vent is our most popular venting option. It combines great value, performance and sufficient venting capabilities for numerous applications.

  • Smaller vent than our M Vent
  • Competitively priced – our most affordable vent
  • Best vent for less aggressive formulas (ie, bleach, dry goods/powders)
  • Larger venting area than competition at more competitive pricing
  • Faster airflow than the closest competitor


M Vent

Our largest vent, the M Vent was designed to optimize airflow under most any condition. The large venting diameter promotes quicker venting and is perfect for solutions that have abnormally high rates of off-gassing.

Our best vent for your most aggressive products

  • Greater airflow than competition
  • Faster airflow than our standard vent
  • Ideal for highly concentrated solutions (oxychem) and products with low surface tension:
    • Cleaning agents with essential oils
    • Agrochemicals
    • Automotive products
  • Extends a products shelf life