Product Configurations

A Variety of Solutions

We have a wide variety of solutions to reach the end goal of a vented container. This could involve a specialty liner, like a Grooved Foam option, or even venting a cap without a liner as a part of our Direct Weld offerings. We offer thousands of unique venting solutions, allowing you to get exactly what you need.


Vented foam liners allow for pressures to equalize before and after a consumer has opened a bottle. The membrane, a microporous material that forms the vent, is the key component to allowing a bottle to maintain its intended form without leaking its contents. Our foam liners remain in the cap for the duration of a bottle’s usage.


Vented foil liners allow for gas exchange and prevent leaking while also acting as a tamper-evident seal. Multiple options for foil melt layers means we have a foil liner that will work for any bottle type, including HDPE, PET, and PVC. Specialty liners are also available including Selig’s Lift ‘n’ PeelTM.


We can pair vented foam and vented foil liners into the same closure. Foam and foil combinations provide tamper-evidence with the foil liner, while the vented foam liner retained in the closure allows for venting even after the consumer has removed the foil and recapped the container.

Vented Grooved Foam

Many customers want a package that vents without the aesthetic of a pierced hole in the closure. With the Grooved Foam liner, once air traverses the microporous membrane, it can escape the closure via the grooves where flat foam liners would normally be fully compressed. Grooved foam liners can be used with either our M Vent or B Vent in lined closures from our facility, as roll stock, or as precut discs.

Cut To Size Discs

Cut to size discs are custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you need foam, foil, or two-piece liners, we have you covered. At M-Industries we pride ourselves on ensuring solutions are tailored to your custom project; we even allow you to pick the exact disc diameter you need. Our precut discs can be shipped in bulk packaging or in neatly arranged tubes or sleeves ideal for wadding machines and rapid manual insertion.

Roll Stock

Foam and foil liners can be vented to your closure supplier’s specifications, rerolled, and delivered to you for insertion. We will work directly with your cap molder to design a layout that matches their production equipment geometry. With Roll Stock options designed for your unique cap in partnership with the molder, you save in the long run as caps can be lined directly after molding. Ask your cap supplier for vented closures powered by M-Industries BreatheVent technology.

Direct Weld Vent

Direct Weld closures allow for containers to equalize pressure imbalances without the use of a liner. This design application is ideal for closures from complex molds, or containers where a liner is not applicable. We can add a vent to most any cap design with no minimum order quantities. This application is most popular for larger closures, jerry cans, tighthead containers and plastic drums frequently found in industrial applications.

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