Reduce and Protect

M-Industries helps reduce your packaging costs and protects your brand image by providing unique solutions to any number of packaging problems you may encounter.

For instance, research has shown that products that are damaged by bloating, paneling, or leaking prevent customers from purchasing.  Even more severe, these issues damage reputations and reduce profits. Our vented liners allow bottles to breathe, relieving outward or inward pressures while preventing product leakage. Their unique structural properties enable free air exchange through a microporous membrane while preventing your product from leaking.


Vents are a combination of materials specifically engineered to your needs, allowing a container to breathe easily regardless of environment or situation.
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Product Configurations

Foil and foam liners each serve a specific purpose. They can be used individually or combined in a single closure to maintain the container’s integrity, depending on your specific product and packaging needs.
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Cap Lining

Cap Lining is one of the many services M-Industries can provide, helping you deliver a finished and final product to your end customer, saving you time  and money.
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Custom Solutions

We do whatever it takes to help our customers with their packaging problems. If our standard products/sizes won’t work with your container or ingredients, we love the challenge of finding a new solution that will. From developing proprietary die-sets exclusive to a single customer, to product testing for a new formulation, we go the extra mile to make our customers happy. And on the rare occasion that we can’t help your particular product or container, we’ll honestly tell you that too.