A Little Different

At M-Industries, we pride ourselves on being different… from the way we engage with our customers, to our design and development process, and finally to the way we manufacture the best vented liners and closures in the industry. Our intent is that you’ll be refreshingly surprised at how easy and pleasant it is to work with us, and how great your products and packaging perform when powered by M-Industries technology.   

Though we produce millions of vents a month and ship them to every corner of the world, every vent in every order is carefully cared for… every time.

Design and Development

The M-Industries design and development process is collaborative and based on a proven cycle stage-gate model in which our customers play an integral role at every step. Our objective is to take product possibilities and turn them into realities. We begin by understanding the challenges you face and by agreeing on the Purpose, Objectives, Activities and Deliverables (POAD) at project inception. Through cycles of research, ideation, design and testing, solutions are refined and eventually launched into production with manufacturing intelligence built into the process every step of the way.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process and machinery was designed and developed with a focus on building intelligence into the quality control process. It’s a four stage system designed to deliver repeatable, consistent and quality products every time. Standards, including certification of materials and qualification of vendors, are established and met before releasing a single product into production.

All incoming materials are inspected prior to set up, ensuring they meet exact quality standards. In addition, tooling, dies and machinery go through a 21-step verification process prior to each production run, reducing any possible variability as manufacturing begins.

While in production, our vision system checks five critical parameters per half-second, per part — ensuring compliance and accuracy of each component in real time during manufacturing, and rejecting parts or stopping production if necessary.

Finally, our technicians follow a carefully prescribed sample test process, confirming that weld integrity and vent performance are meeting specifications. When production is complete, final inspection of finished goods is performed by trained team members, each with veto authority, ensuring that the product meets your unique expectations.

One Team, One Mission

At M-Industries we are Integrators — packaging system experts that understand the challenges of a dynamic industry. We’ve made it our mission to help ensure your containers, products and above all else, your brands are represented as you intend.

Our One Team, One Mission culture ensures you have not just a single customer advocate, but ambassadors at every point in the process. From our founder to your sales advisors to our machine operators, each member of our team is your sponsor to, advocate of, and above all else, partner with you and your product. Each of us is guided by your expectations and our core values, which demand that we put you and your needs first.


  • Audit: M-Industries Audit Policy
    • Audit every function/process annually
    • Quality processes auditied monthly
    • Review every audit with the Leadership Team
    • Follow a corrective action procedure for any discoveries audit

Post-Production Testing

  • Test: Visual Inspection
    • Visually inspecting product for any evidence of contamination or defects
    • Verify all labels are adhered to product & filled out with appropriate information
    • Product is securely packaged for shipping
  • Verification: End of Order Checklist & Sign Off
    • Verify quantity produced matches the quantity ordered
    • All documentation is completed and compiled in the Job folder
    • Supervisor sign-off required before order is closed out

In-Production Testing

  • Test-Reverse Vacuum
    • Manual droplet pressure check performed with every new liner and membrane roll
    • Verify membrane weld integrity post-test
  • Test: Vision system
    • Rapid photographic system
    • Reads 5 parameters times/ 1/2 second of every product
    • Registration mark to ensure constant monitoring during production
  • Test: Air pressure
    • Air shot through membrane to measure any deviation in membrane integrity

Pre-Production Certification

  • Test – Ingredient Compatibility
    • Customer’s product applied to membrane over substrate
    • Pressure, heat and other environmental factors applied. Monitored over time
    • Membrane selection tested for WEP and porosity
  • Test: Extreme Environmental Conditioning
    • Evaluate venting capacity/integrity after accelerated aging
    • Assess shelf life of product after extreme temperature variations
  • Test: Compression and Pressure Simulation
    • Monitor airflow under extreme pressure over time
    • Analyze membrane recovery time and integrity
  • Test: Drop and Impact Simulation
    • Using UN standard (1.5 meter)
  • Certification: Supplier qualification and audits
    • All suppliers qualified per our quality audit procedure
    • Each raw material is tested and checked by manufacturing admin before being put into production
    • Each shipment is tracked and inventoried by lot number