Our Core Values

Help First

Our instinct is to help others first and be a positive influence

  • Strive to always act for the greater good of the organization and our customers, not our self interest.
  • You can get what you want by helping others get what they want.  It’s all about service.  How can we serve our customers and fellow employees?
  • We view ourselves as playmakers – a good assist is often more satisfying than getting the goal in sports and at work.
  • Live the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Matthew 22:39

High Motor

We bring a high level of energy and determination to our work and life

  • We take initiative in planning, doing and improving our work. We don’t wait to be told, we initiate.
  • We hustle.  Business is always moving and so are we. We go full speed all the time.
  • You never give up on an opportunity. You work, you ask, you push and keep driving until you meet success. We think it’s fun to dive into the pile to recover the fumble.
  • Success is not determined by ingrained ability, our place in the organization, or luck but by hard work and hustle.


We choose to do the right thing even when there is a cost

  • We are committed to do right by our customers, employees, shareholders and fellow man. From caring comes courage.
  • Follow your heart and conscience when making a decision. Do the right thing, not the popular or expedient thing.
  • We persevere in the face of adversity. Have the courage to act instead of react.

Street Smart

We have a shrewd awareness of how to succeed in challenging situations

  • We have situational awareness: the ability to assess a situation, evaluate options, and take action – or not – according the circumstance.
  • We know when to ask questions, when to act, and when to get along. We possess self- and other-awareness.
  • We are flexible and learn from experience and watching others
  • We are gratified by working through a problem to figure it out, by trial and error and quickly learning what solves the problem and what could make it worse.

Personally Accountable

We are willing to answer for the outcomes of our choices, actions and behaviors

  • We are comfortable taking the actions – and risks – that we need to ensure we get the results we need.
  • Failure and mistakes happen. Personal accountability is about admitting it, addressing it, correcting it.
  • We act to remove things that block us from success: Obstacles. Bad habits. Excuses.

Our Commitment

Not just stuffed in a file folder in the corner office, our Core Values are posted for all to see and highlighted by employees that exemplify them at each All Hands Meeting. They are our guiding principles by which we live, work, and measure success every day.

Contact Us

We are committed to helping first; it’s one of our core values. Please contact our sales team to discuss how M-Industries can eliminate your packaging problems, allowing you to breathe a little easier.