About M-Industries

Our Story

Determined to create a great, impactful company one relationship at a time.

M-Industries was founded in November 2011 by Karlis Mateus with the simple goal of creating a people-centric company where quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is job one. Using his 30+ years of manufacturing and management experience, 15 of those years in the packaging industry, Karlis and his team have created an organization where product quality and people surmount profits. Karlis is a passionate guy. Passionate about taking smart packaging to the next level. Passionate about the next generation machinery to improve production. Karlis is a big man with a big heart… a humble individual who wants to make his small section of the world a better place by making M-Industries as good as it can be — for his employees and for his customers.
Today, M-Industries has grown into one of the world leaders in venting, with offices in the United States, Mexico and the Netherlands. M-Industries serves the global packaging industry in a personal, collaborative and innovative fashion.

Passionate About Packaging

At M-Industries, we are passionate about your packaging problems. Sounds strange, but we have made it our mission to understand why packages fail and fix them. Helping containers to breathe is our core business, but working across many industries, all around the world helps us leverage that knowledge in a collaborative fashion to customize what works for you… beyond venting.

Are Integrators

Growing up as the preeminent venting experts has taught us that the right combination of materials, design and functionality can provide innovative solutions to the packaging industry. Our daily objective is to help contain and protect products through damage-free packaging.

Are Committed

To doing things differently and doing them together. From humble beginnings and literally a family atmosphere, we apply our over 20 years of industry experience as a small cell integrator to eliminate the challenges that arise from an ever-changing packaging market.


Believe In Choice

Expanded options arise from working together. We are motivated by the excitement that can only come from a collaborative environment where we all uncover solutions from packaging challenges.

ReinVENTing What Partnership Means Through Performance Packaging