We are excited to announce TekniPlex has simplified its Consumer Products division brand structure.

M-Industries is now TekniPlex Consumer Products, making it easier to identify the full range of solutions we have available to serve you globally, throughout the personal care, household, and food & beverage markets.

Protecting Your Brand

You know that packaging is crucial to your brand. But do you know almost 40% of consumers say damaged packaging would deter them from purchasing from that company again? Learn how M-Industries helps protect your investment and the out-of-box experience.

Eliminating E-Commerce Shipping Challenges

Products sold via e-commerce are handled and repacked 175% more than other retail methods. Due to air shipment, products undergo extreme changes in temperature and pressure. Learn how M-Industries helps eliminates packaging failures, allowing you and your products to breathe easier. 

ReinVENTing Packaging

Rather than fight the natural effects of the environment and ingredients in your product, go with the flow by allowing your packaging to breathe with M-Industries vented liners. Venting is the most cost effective, environmentally conscious solution to package paneling, bloating and container leakage.

Allowing Our Customers And Containers To Breathe Easily



Container venting is our core business.  But we have learned that the right combination of materials, design and functionality can solve more than breathability issues.


Problem Solvers

Compassionate people who want to help you differentiate who you are and how your products are represented. From e-commerce challenges to product containment, we understand the industry and the pressures your packages face.



We believe by cultivating great relationships with our customers, we support your mission to protect, contain, and communicate a product’s value through damage-free packaging.

ReinVENTing Partnership Through Performance Packaging


Solving e-commerce packaging problems

Strengthen your
brand identity

Reducing damaged packages and product returns

Reducing plastic, cost and environmental waste

Differentiating your product from the competition

I'm a Packaging Professional

Packaging Engineer

Packaging Distributor

Packaging Manufacturer

I'm a Brand Owner


Product Manager

So, What is Venting?

A vent is a manufactured assembly of materials inside a cap that lets packages breathe, prevents contents from leaking out, and keeps contaminants from entering in.

A Vented Liner is welded together and sealed on a container. It’s made up of these parts: 

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